Sloshed, in love.

Do you make a wish when you see 11:11? I do.

  Do you randomly send a “thank you” into the void? I do.  

Do you sometimes feel afraid of your happiness? I…do, too.  

Do you sing when you are alone? Of course I do.  

Did you let go of people who couldn’t stay..? I did.  

Do you wish them well..? Please do.

  Do you miss them..? No one is replaceable.

  Do you feel insecure….fear attachments? I do..

  Naive, yet cynical. Suspicious, yet gullible.   It does get a bit much at times, being human. But for now….. all I want to do is TRUST.   Trust the answer to my 11:11 wishes. Trust that the void has been filled with stars and flowers. Trust I have no reason to feel afraid. that my tuneless songs are loved..   trust the ones, who left, still love me, trust the ones who stayed – will forever do.  

  Sloshed, in love.   xoxo.  


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