Mission : Miss Elle

7th August, 2015 – Before leaving for a reunion with my school friends


Okay! So this picture was clicked ten months ago and I have not worn this dress after that. Why? It’s a nice dress, I got it from Elle (at some discount) because I fell in love with the color and the adorable hemline. Well, I did not wear it because I ate too many pizzas, and too much of pasta…add to that chocolates and fries. Basically, I lost the plot :p And of course I skipped the gym assuming kuch nahin hoga. Well, turns out kaafi kuch ho gaya.

So, it’s 1st of June 2017 now and I am on a mission. In exactly two months from today – I will wear this dress. No matter what. Ok, to be honest – there is not a lot that I have to do to wear it..but a lot that I have to feel to wear it again. I need to be confident about it. That’s more important. I am not very worried about the weight, but my attitude towards it is what’s bothering me. I need to work out without getting worked up. Things take time, one has to be patient for results. Break up with the fries, well – except that one cheat day.

The competition is not with that hot body on the magazine covers. The competition is with this body that belongs to me.

So – Mission ELLE.


2 thoughts on “Mission : Miss Elle

  1. You will do it !
    There’s this top that I bought from Kohli Brothers ( a hi fi dukaan in Lucknow ) back in 2004. The top is lovely and I looked hot in it but then it doesn’t fit me anymore. So yeah, I would like to take that two month challenge along with you. Tu ban Miss Elle and I will be Miss Kohli \
    Miss Kohli
    Jo kisi dilwaale ki Ho li

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