• Daily Doses •

It’s not easy, dealing with the monotony. We all have our favorite ‘things to do’. It could be reading, it could be driving long distances… it could be listening to that one favorite track every day and dancing to it, cooking, work out, shopping (whynot) .. sketching .. doodling .. singing .. photography… playing the guitar…Basically, things that you do and enjoy your own company. YOUR THINGS. YOUR TIME. YOU.

Must – never – stop – doing – what – we – love 

I have been ignoring my favorites. And you know, when you do that.. over a period of time, you start being so frikkin dull – dull to be around yourself, dull to be around others. Never lose your essence. So what’s your essence? I am noting down mine, I have quite a few. Starting tomorrow (because today is already half gone!), I am going to make sure these things are a part of my 24 hours… most of them, if not all.

Don’t you feel 24 hours are too less, that life is too short to enjoy it to the fullest? And time just passes, while we ignore so many things that we could be doing. What’s on my mind? Wait I will show you what exactly…


| Source : Google Images. | Hello,  you two, this is amazing. I love it!


Back to the daily doses. I have a few things that make me feel calmer, more in touch with myself and happier each time I do them. I will be talking about them in another post..as they keep popping up.

In no order of preference, writing is one thing that I absolutely enjoy doing. And WordPress gives me a nice platform to do that, I quite like it. I don’t have many/hardly any readers as of now, but then, it’s a blessing in disguise too because I write like no one’s reading! haha

So. I must do it, if not daily, then every second day. But considering my skyrocketing emotional levels these days – I might just park my ass here. 🙂





  1. Manjari · June 6, 2017

    We think we have loads of time but actually we have too little !

    my previous blog was called ‘ Write like no one is reading’.


    • Dipti Malhotra · June 6, 2017

      Gotta do what we love irrespective of the size of our audience.


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