Me and you.



I missed you. You are an annoying pain in the ass but I missed you. Because you are a part of me… the more honest, stronger, rebellious part of me, the one who is not afraid to be judged at all – knowing she will be judged for what she is saying. I am almost like you in that sense but I confess that I do hold back. There are times. There are certain people I just cannot hurt and certain relationships that are very important to me.

I meet you often these days. And you disturb the fuck out of me and mine. I love you but I have to fight you…I have to fight with the wrong in you. You make me say things in a way that is wrong and hurtful, but then, sometimes… I feel, you just mean well. A tad harsh but you do mean well.

Stay. Stay with me. I feel better in a twisted way when you are around. It’s like someone is taking care of me, siding with me.

–  D




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