There are times when we doubt our potential. Heck, I do that a lot. Wrong – Wrong – Wrong. Rather, lame lame lame. What do I doubt? I’d fail.

Sooooooo…?! you don’t even try.

Sounds pathetic right. Yet we do that. The fear of being judged? We postpone things. I’ll do it, but I’ll do it later. Not right now, it’s not the right time yet. Excuses!



I’ll look stupid doing it. People are looking. Ugh..Argh!@ 

Who are they? How exactly do they matter, matter enough to make you stop yourself from doing something that will make you happy. Who is coming in the way then? Them or you, yourself. You got it.

All I want to say is : CARPE FUCKING DIEM.

Seize the moment. Grab it with both the hands. Don’t go too much into the future.

I sound preachy? I often sound preachy. And a lot of times, I have to keep reminding myself of these very same things.


I am awesome. But I am also the shy kind of awesome. I stop myself. I don’t know why! And I don’t regret it because I tell myself, tomorrow is another day. And then, LOVER tells me : Hello? What about that whole carpe diem jazz, you fool?




“If not now, then when?”

If you listen to the kind of self-talk that I do all day, you will either laugh at the stupidity or relate to it. The chance of Option 2 is higher.

There are times when I stand in front of the wardrobe with shitloads of options but still feel – I have nothing to wear. Life sucks. Why am I so fat? 

I am not fat at all, I mean – almost just-rightish (maybe 4 months away). OOPS, I did it again.

There.. this is what I am talking about. I will be happier when I will be thinner? That kind of thing. Oh that is another post.

Another example…”I will be happier when I have more money.” / “I will be happier with that car… with that neighborhood, with that brand of bag / bigger eyes / flatter tummy / toned ass / no gas ? ” …. and blah, blah, blah. Add another blah.

Be Happy Now. 


Let us decide.

Let us decide that we’ll be happy NOW.

We will grab the opportunity NOW.

We will execute the plan NOW.

We will wear that dress NOW.

We will call that someone NOW.

We will NOT postpone happiness.




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