What is that..

What’s the feeling, the mood, the nagging feeling right now… what is irritating me…




Does it happen with you too? Sitting across someone..be it your close friend, your husband, your mother – feeling very close and a little disconnected at the same time?

That feeling of… something is amiss, I can’t put a finger on it. Not able to express that. Don’t blame them though. You haven’t been able to figure it out yet. How will you express exactly what it is.

That’s me – since a while. Not connected enough with my own heart.  What do you need babe, what do you want? Am I content with what I have? I am, more than content, I feel blessed and grateful for so many things – on a daily basis.

But I feel a disconnect these days, stronger than ever. With my own self. And it has nothing  to do with anyone else… it’s me and me.

Dig deeper. Meditate. I think I need several coffee dates with myself, not just one.

But, I smile 🙂 Easily.


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