The one

I marvel at the magic. How is it like the first time, every time? Each time you hold my hand… how I blush every time your eyes stay a little longer on me. There are times I notice tears in your eyes. I wonder why…and then you say, “I am feeling lucky.” You have your ways….I melt. I just helplessly melt.

Is that what love is..

Yesterday, we talked about why we were marrying each other. It had been a while we talked like that – sitting across each other. And it was one of the special dates I have had with him. No fancy place, weren’t dressed up for a ‘date’, just had chai and french fries…and bonded.


Every relationship goes through phases. It’s not always ‘honeymoon’. Between the two of us, I am the one who creates all the drama. Thankfully, I am lucky that he takes the drama as drama. Plain, simple, harmlessly over the top drama. Even if I push him away, he reaches out – again and again and again. Persistence and stubbornness are very attractive qualities. Effort is sexy.

Be with the one who is thinking Forever.

Be with the one who doesn’t know how to give up.

Once in anger I told him to not talk to me (drama drama). And he said, “Ok, just a good morning and good night then.” I asked, “why!?”. He said…”Because I have to know you are okay!

The fight ended right there.

Be with the one who makes sure you are fine.


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