Often I notice people wondering which camera a photographer uses if they like their photography. Don’t ask. Because the answer to “How does the photographer take such nice pictures?” does not lie in the camera. It lies in the history of the artist. The experiences – happy and sad, the way they have dealt with loss, the way they love, the way they hate, the passion and depth, their understanding of human nature, their connect with the soul, their spirituality, their beliefs.

It’s the vision, the perspective, the framing..what the photographer wants YOU to see as they see it. And if you do manage to see that…and you like what they are trying to show, you end up loving the photograph. You agree with it more, you relate to it, you feel a certain emotions only art can evoke.



My aim shall be to evoke that feeling in you. To stimulate something inside.. that brings you closer to yourself.





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