Been emotional


I am getting married in two months. Wait, less than two months. I have the “countdown” App on my phone that I check every day to see what’s left. (haha)

The way I have been checking it off late has changed though. Initially, when I saw it – I was going closer to him, minute by minute. Now, when I see it….I am going away from them – my parents. Second by second.

8 Weekends remaining.

I remember I had a happy childhood and my parents made sure our Sunday was fun. We always went out in the evenings – they made sure we had a nice weekend. The tradition continues till date..and it aches that I have exactly 7 Sundays left with them as an unmarried child. After Christmas, it will be another story.

The other day I was a little unwell and Mom got me chai. It hit me how precious this chai was to me. You cannot, you will not, you should not expect the same kind of care from anybody else on earth. That remains the eternal truth – nobody will ever love you like your mother. Forget less than… or more than… It cannot be compared.

She somehow just knows.

No points for guessing, the bride-to-be is emotional af and for a change, not for the sake of drama. I will miss them – that is an understatement. Every girl can relate to this – single or married.

The girl has to finally move on, finally grow up, be responsible for how all her new relationships shape up, start her own journey …. write her own story.


(expect some random outbursts of emotions in this space on and off over the next few months. But naturally!)




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  1. ladywhispers · December 2, 2017

    Hugs to you. Bitter truth. But things will pan out well still ❤

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