mishmash. what’s that?

a lot of us are just confused about our own reality because we pretend too much to be what we aren’t.

and when we are way too low, it gets crazy in the head – like, uh-oh…i was just with that person, laughing..making jokes, good jokes. what happened to me now? or is this my reality? lost – empty? or am i that lively-jovial person people see? who am i?

why can’t we be openly morose? haha that makes me laugh.  people sitting across each other and whining. ugh, contagious.

or we could just feel better about our own life.

who is perfectly happy anyway? it comes in phases and moments. what’s your idea of perfect happiness anyway? do you have what you need….are you working towards it? it’s not that simple right….. but we do have certain things that are way too precious.

i’ll celebrate that, for now. why not? makes life easier.





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