The happy weekend



I went to Sarojini Nagar after ages yesterday with my mom. This is precious. Shopping with mom is my favorite thing to do…. it’s just something I will never ever get tired of. Oh, I did get tired during the wedding because it was just – every other day! But I love the flee market kind of shopping where you keep picking random things that you did not even plan you’d buy. And then, you get back home – try the stuff out….selfie galore.

Oh but yesterday, I felt the clothes sticking a bit tighter to me than before. I must have gained weight. It’s okay – it was winter, I got married, I travelled to Bali, I hogged – still at it. So……was bound to happen. No worries. Just get intense inside that stupid gym you hate going to. No you don’t hate it, it also helps you spend time with yourself. You do something good for your own self there……it’s nice. Keep at it.

INTENSE though.



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