Fight depression.

There are times when we forget what makes us happy, what distracts us, what takes our mind off the melodrama and what makes us feel sane again.

There are times when we are so drained that we just cannot bring ourselves to move in the positive direction, knowing it’s the right thing to do. Maybe that’s what depression does to us.

But then again, it takes one decision to snap out of it. So why don’t we! We make efforts, but not strong or passionate enough. What’s stopping you from passionately wanting to be better? Why be ‘meh’ about life?

The first step is to realize you need help and then the most important – seeking it. It could be anything. And when you want it bad enough, it will pop up right in front of you.

Depression creeps up…. it’s recurring. A person with depression/depressive tendencies needs to be alert and be able to fight it as soon as it starts getting to you again. DISTRACT. MOVE AWAY. Tell yourself : NO I WON’T FALL PREY AGAIN.

Because when it gets bad, it gets extremely terrible. It’s so dark and it engulfs your closest ones as well. And that sucks.

Make a list….a list of all the things that make you feel even a percent better. Keep it handy. Act on those things .. as often as possible. Not just when you are low.

These are just reminders to myself. If it helps you too, nothing like it! Don’t be too hard on yourself… *hug*

ps : if you know someone who is going through it, please be kind – and love them a lot.



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