The end is always about a new beginning



…and this is the beginning of my story. The story I am not aware of yet. No I am not looking for any answers, never have. Heck, there has to be a question for that.

Maybe I do have a question. Where am I going? For I have only been flowing. For the first time in my the 36 years of my existence, I want to know, for sure…where am I going?

I just heard a voice tell me… , “keep on flowing.”

So let’s flow.

I read somewhere, just a few minutes back, that writing is the painting of the voice. I am not a conversationalist, by any means. I like writing. Expression is essential and in my case, it’s rarely ever been vocal. So, I am taking up Blogging. A virtual diary… titled “The Black Velvet Diary” (it just sounded beautiful in my head and it looks good on the screen too, also, the URL was thankfully available! Isn’t it a good feeling?)

It’s DAY’s Chapter 1. And I am already looking forward to the rest of today, unlike a few minutes ago.

Thank you, The Black Velvet Diary. My new friend. ❤






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  1. sleeplessinlucknow · March 26, 2018

    Hey, looking fwd…

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