It’s been a while since I posted anything. I was going through something. What thing? Well, I wish I knew! So I am going to stick to “something”. I thought he was being insensitive when he thought it was PMS but now when I look back, I’m like….maybe it was. 

Anyway! I am out of that something-zone for now. Keywords: For now.

So! I went for a road trip with my husband last week to bring in my 36th birthday. Why do I emphasize so much on the age, the age people tend to hide or lie about. Because hey, I am loving this age. I mean…my knees and back are okay, hair’s not falling, memory is intact, I don’t see wrinkles yet, I have no food restrictions, no one is calling me aunty! So yay, it’s like how I used to be when I was 25, on a sleepy day~

So what has changed? A few things have…for sure. I am a Scotch and Coke kind of girl now. I know the importance of saying NO. I now agree with the idea of planning a little in advance. Not too much though! I am still a ‘live in the moment’/ ‘have money – will spend’ kind of a person. But sometimes, in certain matters it’s just better to keep it sorted. Saves you from losing your shit a couple of months from now. Oh yeah, that’s how far I’d go.

( I can say that because I don’t have a kid to take care of yet. )

Something basic about me: I am between two extremes. Borderline depressed and happy-go-lucky. When I am neither of those two, I am sleeping.

Coming back to the birthday…. oh it was sweet. The first when I was away from my parents. The first that I celebrated with my man, away from the city we live in. There was a birthday kiss, there was a delicious cake, there was a birthday tantrum, a heart-to-heart conversation and there was a little dance. In the end, I was just grateful to be with someone who loved me so much. BDAYPOST (1 of 1)-1


BDAYPOST (1 of 1)-2


BDAYPOST (1 of 1)-3
Resort De Coracao – Jim Corbett. It was lovely staying here!
BDAYPOST (1 of 4)
The Birthday ~


BDAYPOST (3 of 4)
The Morning After



BDAYPOST (4 of 4)
Leaving sweet notes for your significant other after shower…. You gotta do that!


So….. thank you girl, for making it thus far. I know you fight your demons, there are days when you just want to give it up, there are times when you scream for help…but look at the bright side, there are people who will always be there when you need help.

This birthday, I have resolved to practice gratitude again. I left it somewhere along the way and then I went through “something”. *eyeroll*

Oh, update: I have enrolled myself in Yoga classes and they are just brilliant. I recommend it to anybody who is going through any sort of trouble – emotional / physical…

Just pick it up. It’s a gift you will give to yourself.

Oh!! Also, I have ordered something. I am not an online shopper but I came across this website. And I am waiiiiting. If it’s nice – it will land up here on the blog soon.

❤ Love,




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