A beautiful habit renewed :)

There was a time when I used to finish all the stories in my English and Hindi course books before the new session had even begun. Needless to say, I loved reading. And after college, I somehow just lost it. I say I lost it because I stopped reading, as much as I used to. And since then, “I will pick up reading” was always #2 on the New Year Resolutions list. (No points for guessing #1. The most overresolved resolution all over the world. Thou art gettofy fit!). Ok so reading. It was not on the list this year, well there was no list this year. I got married. And only the hotels and tickets to the honeymoon destination were on the mind while people were thinking about their resolutions.

Anyway. Somewhere around February, as I was settling in my new home and making small alterations to the ex-bachelor’s room to suit my taste, I came across a book shelf on Urban Ladder and it was one of those “i want this in my room!!” moments. Ordered, set up, unread books stacked. I felt happy! And so resumed this beautiful habit after years. I am not setting up a target of number of books to read in 2018. I am going to go with the flow without adding any pressure.

So…. just finished this light chicklit that I picked up from Crossword bookstores. Oh, I love bookstores. You just cannot step out empty handed. There’s always something that you can pick.. even if it’s just cute stationary.

Deviated! ugh.

BOOK! “Encounters of a fat bride”

Author: Samah Visaria

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 216

bookreview (1 of 1)

This one is perfect for a quick light-hearted read and so relate-able specially for the ones who have gone through ‘dates’ arranged by the parents, for the sake of getting married! I have dealt with that and oh, it is awkward! And now when I look back – hilarious!

Reading Madhurima Pandey’s ( the narrator and the protagonist ) story took me back to those days and I smiled. This one is a happy book. Samah Visaria’s protagonist is not an “ideal body shape” (according to the society). She is a little overweight. It’s not just the society’s notion that it’s not ideal though. We tend to bodyshame our own selves without realizing it. And so does Madhurima.

What I liked was how she gets out of the complex of being ‘fat’ and realizes how unimportant these things are when it comes to your life-partner, your best friend. I liked how honest this girl was when it came to addressing her emotions, how she reaches a place where she goes to spy on someone but ends up healing her own self. Well, it’s cute – this book 🙂 Go for it on a day when you don’t need anything heavy. You will get a glimpse into an insecure person’s psyche.

bookmarks (1 of 1)-1
This cute little bookmark is a gift from Varun to me. Small joys that mean the world.

Alrighty! I am ready to start the next one. Hope I finish it soon, it’s a bestseller by an extremely reputed author. I shall share that with you once I’m done! xoxo



Dip ❤


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