I am home. My parents’ home. This is where I can be a brat…where I can shout, where I can throw legit tantrums, where I can behave like I am the most important person in the world (at least for the people in the room!)

Oh I feel so good. It’s 2:15 am. I was watching videos, reading blogs, not being talked to – not having to talk back. Sometimes, it’s nice to just be on your own. I spent the longest time of my existence in my own company. Right from childhood, I have preferred my own space. Well, you get used to it. And then it’s a challenge when you have to share.

It’s adorable how my husband and I share a bed and yet take only half the space, well that’s love but then sometimes, I like to be like..



haha. Yep. I like to hog the bed. But then, tonight…. I miss my co-hogger. You get used to sharing space after a while I guess. Marriage.

Anyway! This post is not about “marriage”, it’s not about anything in particular actually. I just feel good and I wanted to share it. Like this view I woke up to after a nap in the afternoon (life is good. afternoon naps are good. waking up to chai made by mom is good.) A splendid feeling in my heart.



Yes that was life before marriage – extremely pampered. And now I get it in bits and pieces but then I got something very precious and rare in exchange. The love of a man who loves me more than he loves himself. A dangerous thing, you get very addicted to that kind of love. I think being pampered is in my destiny. This one does it too, as good as my mom mostly. My father wins though 🙂

I am feeling lucky….

Yes love and all is great. But there is a fridge I am going to crawl into now that is full of things I love. Specially at 3 am.

Oooh, I shopped last Sunday and one of the things was this sexy pair of sunglasses. I think I am developing a temptation to collect sunglasses now…. as they say, “big sunglasses hide all sins.” .. from the previous night or otherwise 🙂



Good night!





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