chai (1 of 1)


Life’s chaiotic and I love it. How does a cup of  well made chai feel after a journey? Yummazing. This picture was taken after checking in the hotel room, when V and I decided to enjoy a cup before anything else. Oh, we bonded over tea while we were dating 🙂

Life’s just better when there’s chai. Enough said….

Thankfully, along with some amazing Coffee chains, we see a lot of new cafes opening in Delhi and NCR that serve some tantalizing tea. Definitely a treat for the chai-o-holics like me.

This post is not about my favorite tea joints in Delhi though. It’s about my favorite things in life, it’s about simple, small joys….that don’t even cost much.

If you try and focus, there’s happiness all around us. One of the reasons why I picked up blogging was to focus my energy on all things positive as well as express what’s in my heart (even if it’s a dark thought ) to get a perspective, to fathom my own heart.

Deviated 🙂 haha.

So – CHAI. Definitely. One of my favorite things in life.



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