High time

OK…I see black-profile pictures.
How does a black-profile picture help any cause? If we really want to shake the system, we got to go against it, together. Rebel..rebel against anything they are trying to sell us, anything that’s running because of us. Shake the bloody economy, leave the government/lawmakers no option but to take actions. Changing the displaypicture on facebook / instagram / what’sapp / Twitter just proves one point….
 “we are angry but that’s all we can do.”
Do we have the courage to? Extreme situations need extreme actions. A revolution does not just happen. History proves it needs one to sacrifice – big or small – to bring about any change. We have already lost a lot of innocent lives to rape and murder. Our head hangs in shame the day we hear the news of another little girl being raped and murdered. After a fortnight, it just becomes something that happened to some girl, somewhere in your country. We curse a bit…sometimes a bit hard, pray for our own safety, and continue….. until we hear of another one. We feel compelled to express anger on twitter or facebook, some of us get on the roads – participate in candlelight vigils… and come back home. Angrier, dejected and sad.
What’s with this depressing, endless saga??!
Why can’t we make these authorities, these lawmakers realize it’s us women the world is bloody dependent on and if we choose to STOP BEING THERE, the world will end right there. No one has a stronger middlefinger, high time we used it.
Fight for the most severe punishment to the rapists. There is no other way to instill fear in a man capable of raping another girl… It’s a sickness. It’s not just desire.

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