Music and Nostalgia

Isn’t it beautiful how a piece of music takes you back in time…. to that birthday road trip you took with your man a few months ago…. to the time when you were practicing for your sangeet night with your cousins…. to that time when you first kissed in the car and this weirdass song was playing on the radio….




…. to the time when your mom was cradling you to sleep. Yes some things just never fade away from my memory, while most of the things do. Thankfully I remember a couple of moments from the time when I must have been around 2.  It was night, we were in the balcony, I was in my mom’s arms and she was singing a lullaby while I drifted off to sleep. I remember that moment…. it’s like a hazy, blurry black and white moving image….and it makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me feel loved.

A Bryan Adams number plays and it takes me back to the first concert I attended with a couple of friends. The friendships at that time. The brattiness, the clothes I used to wear, the issues I used to have, the dumb fights, that life without a purpose. The bliss.

I listen to the songs of Chandni and it takes me back to that time when I was around 8 or 9 and we used to go to hillstations, a few families – all of us cousins. Mountains, chandni o meri chandni, me throwing up all along the drive uphill, the chill in the air and the face of my parents and brother. The coziness.

I listen to Indi Pop and it takes me back to my 11th and 12th grade when I used to take the stereo to school, we used to dance in the break time or sometimes before a class started. It got confiscated by the principal and I had to go apologize to get it back. I remember my classmates in the school uniform, the length of our skirts… the sizes, the hairstyles, the innocence. We were adorable…now when I look back. That vibe during the morning assembly. We performed to some Indipop number for our seniors at their farewell. Kajra mohabbat wala. Hah….that time when I did not even bother getting my facial hair threaded. The tomboyishness.

I listen to the songs of Rockstar and am reminded of that unrequited love. I listen to a song from an old Mahesh Bhatt movie and there I go back to the first serious relationship. I listen to the soundtrack of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and I am transported to my old house, it’s afternoon, I am having lunch with mom and we are laughing at what Joey just said. Oh I was just there while I typed it.

I can live it like it’s happening now. Such a blessing.

He’s been humming this beautiful song since a week. It’s always been one of my favorites. The on-loop kinds. I usually have music on while I am working on my photographs. Music and the smile. This song started. And now I want to kiss him. 🙂

Music is magic ❤

What are you listening to?


2 thoughts on “Music and Nostalgia

  1. I used to listen to Tum se hi and imagine about perfect love . Now I don’t listen to songs I once loved because i don’t even want to remember what I left behind… Yes songs are that powerful..


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