My Light

hue (1 of 1)Photographs.

Lights yes, hues yes, shadows..oh yes. Pretty? Yes. But also – they are feelings…they are emotions, and they are unsaid things. A lot of times…sort of dark.

My photography. Not yours, not his; nor her’s.

You know, photographers just don’t take pictures. They try to express themselves through their pictures. Like any a painter does, like a writer…a musician…like a dancer does. Consciously or sub-consciously.

And it’s okay if someone doesn’t get’s okay if someone doesn’t gauge the reflection, or get into the mind of an artist. Because trust me, none of us (who do it for ourselves) are seeking validation. I wouldn’t even want to explain. It’s personal. But it’s out there – filling a void.

Just leave it, out there.

E x p r e s s and Move On.

Express more. And more…endlessly. Because that’s how you live.



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