You find an antidote when you look for it. Seek for it. Find it! Grab it with both the hands and enjoy it… you deserve it, God knows you deserve it. Don’t feel guilty about having a good time. I think the fact that you are having a good time is because you do deserve it. You have worked for it, somehow – in some way, at some point in your life. Maybe it was today in the morning or last week..or some years ago. You are reeping what you sowed. So please don’t burden yourself with the guilt. Why do they call it Guilty Pleasure. One should never ever feel bad about having a good time. I refuse to feel bad about feeling good. If it feels good, it IS good.

This is just self talk going on! 🙂 What I have with the universe these days is called a beautiful Relaxationship. And I’m fuckin grateful!


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