The both of us.

Well, I am only a human after all. Another girl with a past, with insecurities, with desires and sweet little dreams….. with her flaws, with her magic, weaknesses, doubts, madness..and the spark. That spark that got to you…that spark that helps me go on.

I am normal. I am not a heroine; don’t want to be. Imperfect and comfortable.

I hesitate…I stop myself. I try new things, I feel thrilled. I feel. I feel... I am glad I feel. Do you know how it is to not be able to feel? Happiness, sadness, excitement. A state of numbness.

It’s a dark…..dark place.

I act like a child and an adult. Unstable and sorta sorted. I contradict myself, challenge myself.

You all have an alter ego, don’t frown at me.

Currently, I am an angel. And not because I have to be. It’s just peaceful……

Catch you later.

😈 😇


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