And all of a sudden, I picked up from where I left because it just felt like it was time now.

The thing about Faith is, though, it’s got to be consistent. For anything in the world to be stronger, in fact, consistency is imperative. Persistence is vital.

I now resolve to keep going in my path of faith. There is no room for doubts. There’s only space for “I can and I will”.

Heck, I should.

There are going to be some outside factors that will play the part of hurdles. The imminent hurdles..the challenges. Well, they’ll make things more fun, isn’t that right?

So there..

Keep walking, you are stronger than this. Miserable is out. WOOOWWWW is in! 🙂



Do what makes you happy. Reading my written word makes me happy. Dressing up, slaying it makes me happy. Cooking does. Movies do. Books do. There is one book that is playing a hurdle in my resolve of reading regularly and that’s The Alchemist. Just a few pages left yet I doze off each time I pick it up. Ugh! So yeah, got to finish it as soon as I can now because dear Alchemist, I have had enough of you and my treasure is definitely not inside these pages.

[ This ain’t a bad review. Read what you want :p ]


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