Trying to get out of the cloud.

It’s exciting when you are on a verge of changes. Changes in life, changes in self, changes in your ‘daily’.

Accepting that you don’t like it the way it is right now. Accept, express, seek change, demand change, act on it….work on it. And it should happen. Eventually…

Do you know what you want? We have a certain idea. But you know… over time, I have come to realize that it’s more important to be dead sure about what you DON’T want. What is unacceptable, what is totally uncomfortable, what does not work for your peace…

Very often, we have to face the consequences of our decisions. We have this lame tendency to blame someone else for the quality of our life.. STOP. I am stopping.

Get away. I am getting away.

Figure it out. I will be figuring it out. On my own.

Don’t hate me for getting away. I am not escaping. I am just taking time off.



And I will come out of this cloud. It’s heavy, it’s dark, it’s suffocating. It’s not my home. I am not staying here. I am leaving. Because I deserve rainbows, butterflies, rain, music, dance and laughter. Endless laughter. And I will get it – on my own.


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