It’s Friday. Oh… the jargon is way cooler.. FriYayyy they call it now! Just makes it jazzier.. even if you have no plans to go out, are frikkin comfortable in your jammies and eating cherries with pineapple and cheese. Okay, this is pretty much FriYay only.

So I am in the age where I prefer to stay home, have close ones around, either have a chilled beer or wine with the family, (not having any this weekend because the last weekend’s soiree showed me my place – and age! Ugh..it was a bad hangover alright) , have my playlist on instead of tolerating some loud music in some smoky lounge and not being able to converse. I mostly pretend to listen at these places. And believe me, I am so good at it..I am such a good listener when I can’t hear a word. People seem to be happy with my company.

Anyway. Back to home (mom & dad’s). That’s where I am tonight.

And it is such a good feeling to be here….there’s peace here.

protip : top angle to look thinner :p 

I have decided – I am going to confide in you guys and make you my “inner voice”. I need to do a few things, like really…really must.

1- cut down on alcohol.

2- exercise.

3- cut down on late night snacking.


Mmmm… this is just for my health . There are a few other important things on my To-Do list that I am not mentioning here right now but will keep sharing.

So what I am doing is, making a commitment to you. Commitment that I am going to do this and if I don’t…well, you can’t tell me I am an idiot haha.

But, I will know 🙂

be right back.


2 thoughts on “Home.

  1. Hi I am reading your write ups for quite sometime.The Style of your writing is awesome. The moment I start reading I am addicted to it.
    Keep Writing and Keep Smiling.

    Liked by 1 person

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