It’s 10:28 AM, I woke up sometime back, in the middle of an epiphany. By the way, I love this word and the way it sounds. Epiphany. We keep having those. Oh, I keep having those & they get lost in translation.. Mmm, usually.

Except this time I don’t want to let it slip. I don’t want to get distracted with mundane and insignificant. Something’s telling me this is it. All I need is direction. I’m seeking direction.

Let me try and explain exactly how I’m feeling right now.

There’s a chain, a very thin one.. you know the ones that have a tiny pendant hanging along… that sits pretty on your collarbone. So this chain was lying ignored for a while and it got majorly entangled. The girl who once used to love it, suddenly saw it and felt distressed looking at the frikkin level of entanglement, the mess. Now, she feels she must untangle it, sort out the mess. It’s not going to be easy. She feels lost. She has no clue where to begin from.

So she inhales. Oh well… that’s what they teach us in the Yoga class. Inhale. We humans have no idea what breathing means. That’s another story that breathing is hazardous in t his city. Ugh. Anyway.

She is sort of hoping it brings her some patience, some direction, some focus – to clear the mess that her life has become. With cautious fingers, she holds the chain up, looks at it….and wonders — how the hell will I solve this?

She does not know HOW, but she is dead sure that she WILL.




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