Give yourself a break!

They say focus on the blessings and not the problems. I’ve also heard, “what you resist, persists.”

And I’ve also read about how important it is to do what makes your soul happy.

Don’t be where you are not happy. Don’t do what doesn’t bring you a smile.

Day after day.

We come across phrases, quotes, texts, blah and blah about how to be. We read this piece of knowledge, agree with it and pass it on as WhatsApp forwards, Facebook status, tweets, Instagram posts.. endlessly.

And then you meet yourself – opposite of all these things. Feeling the way you do – not “positive” all the frikkin time, almost depressed, severely depressed, suicidal, stupid, crazy, cranky, anxious, delirious, just fine – just okayish, brimming with joy, thrilled, excited, drunk, horny, hungry enough to be angry, motivated, lazy…

All these emotions within a week’s time. From Mon-bleh to Fri-yay. Dealing with yourself and the guilt of not being able to be positive. You know, it’s not a natural trait for us all. We may seem like we are sorted… or sort of sorted. Whatever. But accept the fact that you need to break down…can we? It’s not like I failed if I cried, right…. I guess it just means I am exhausted and need a break, from me. Or you, or just the environment I live in – to get a perspective.

I think, it’s getting a bit much – this socialmedia thing. I am consciously cutting down now and once you do, you find time for things that truly matter and help your growth. Growth is a basic need. If we are not growing ( I do not mean in diameter! ), we tend to become negative in life. Don’t you think so? What happens with too much of socializing (online or offline) is that the focus shifts, distraction happens and intentions get lost.

I won’t say what my plan is right now, trust me I don’t have a plan. But I do have an intention I plan to work on. I realize I cannot take time for granted. I realize what I want and I know for sure what I do not want. Ok, I have an idea! 😉


Ask. Believe. Receive. 

Fight your own battles. Make it better for you. Focus on your energy. Focus on your happiness. Excuse me for sounding like a WhatsApp forward, but these are the things I need to keep telling myself, because I am sadly grown up enough to realize that they will take me to the door if I am lucky, but I am the one who needs to walk through it.



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