I know how it gets when everything around you is dark… When you can’t find even a ray of hope.. When everyone and everything seems to go against you. You know what it is? It’s us going against our own selves. We often forget what our mind is capable of, what we are capable of.

The next time it’s completely dark and you can’t seem to find a way, (even if it means not being able to get out of the bed) – talk to God. If you don’t believe in God, just talk to yourself. For a moment, mentally detach yourself from this helpless person…this person who needs help (nothing wrong with needing help!)..

Talk to this person as if you were his / her best friend. The one who always wishes well.. the one who can speak the truth. Something comes out, something works!

It’s never completely dark because you always have YOU. And you are God. Never leave yourself.


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