Thank You!

Hello, mother nature. ❤


This is one of the many beautiful images that we managed to make last weekend in Himachal Pradesh. We went to this sweet little place called Kandaghat in Solan, Himachal Pradesh & stayed at Club Mahindra’s property over there.

One word: Heavenly. The place and the resort.

I was looking at the hills, the clouds descending upon them…sexily, swiftly, and having this conversation with myself. I must have done something special to land in a special place like this. I am lucky, I know. I am blessed, for sure. I am grateful, not very often .. and that is a confession. But off late, I am practicing this amazing thing called Gratitude.

If we start every day mentally making a list of all the things that we have, trust me the day will go well. And conclude the day saying a big THANK YOU to the Universe.

Thank you for letting me live this life the way I am. Thank you for the abundance, the love, the good health, the friends, and family. Thank you for the freedom I have, thank you for my bones intact 😀 Thank you for the beautiful man in my life.. thank you for his love and patience. Thank you for me – for I am my best friend. Thank you for giving me the strength to be good to myself.

Thank you for so many things! I don’t really have much to crib about. Yes, little issues always crop up as we go and grow in life but then, it’s nice too. It challenges you. Once you recognize the challenge and think of ways to overcome it, you make efforts, you stay focused, you grow!!

It’s always a win-win situation. Everything depends on the perspective.

Your perspective is in your mind, your mind is under your control.

Why am I sounding like a spiritual guru!? I am just back in the city after spending a beautiful time in the hills with my closest. Let’s just help ourselves by taking regular breaks from the mundane, break the monotony and clear our heads. Traveling truly rejuvenates the soul….plan a trip!