The Vibe

This post is just a post to post. Something! Anything! Basically, craving to type!

So, quick updates.

I am reading Eat, Love, Pray and loving it. Elizabeth Gilbert’s way of writing is fantastic and I just get it! Can say the book is unputdownable but since there are responsibilities to fulfill (like catching up with web series, twitter, Instagram etc! :p), I have kept it down for a while. Picking it up in a few minutes 🙂

I am watching Comicstaan on Amazon Prime and loving it too. I absolutely enjoyed Sacred Games .. that was what I saw last, during our trip to Himachal Pradesh. Oh it was so much fun….. the trip and the series. I feel proud that India came out with such a gripping web series. Dialogues, casting, performances, theme….everything is bang on perfect, for me.

Was watching it amidst mountains till it was sunset and the mosquitoes started feeding on my O+. Yes, I am oh-so-positive.


My review: There better be a Season 2! Can’t wait…if at all. 

I am listening to music that I love, I have to discover some new tunes though … because just like keeping one hairstyle for months makes life dull, so does the same playlist. Moreover, it’s monsoon time. Music, rain, and drives – these are the participants of my favorite orgy.

Spoke to a girlfriend for long over the phone the other evening and came out of it absolutely motivated to start something new…:) I have a slight idea and I am excited.

Yesterday, while catching up with family, I was observing this little one who was over. He had come to his grandmother’s house and the way he expressed his excitement was adorable. It was so real, totally uninhibited. He was excited and it showed. I realized how we adults sometimes curb our excitement about small things..though in our heart we do feel happy, we don’t always express it.

What I have often felt is that when we speak about what we are feeling – it intensifies. When I crib about something, nothing changes except the fact that I feel shittier about the situation. Exactly opposite to that – if I express my excitement about a simple thing like going out for a movie that I had been waiting for, the small joy multiplies manifold and trust me, excitement is contagious. So is negativity.

All I am saying is…..


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