The concept of heaven.

It’s a concept in my head..does not have an address yet.  Yes, it’s a beautiful place… I sleep well there. I cook my own food, I buy my own groceries, I pay out of my pocket for my happiness. Every inch of this place is me and him.  It reflects our personalities. There’s furniture, but it’s not just furniture – it’s my comfort zone. I want to spend hours there. There are photographs on the walls – these photographs are all about the love we share, with each other and with our families – parents, siblings, friends.

I don’t have to hide anywhere when I am here. I don’t feel the need to “go away”, I don’t want to get lost. I feel safe here, I breathe – long and deep. And when I exhale, I smile a smile I always dreamt of.

This is the place I want to come back to. This is the place that makes me want to work harder. It smells heavenly. It feels like home.

It is home. My home.




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