Feeding my eyes at 2 am.

Hello! It’s almost 2 am.

Is it the time when most photographers/writers are up? I guess so. I have always preferred this hour to spend time doing what I love doing.

Anyway, the thought right now: I have been living to eat and the results of that are showing. So now, I shoot food to look at it at odd hours. Let’s hope I don’t gain weight looking at food pictures!

Sharing a few favorites from my photo archives.

Sketching Souls | Photography


pasta (1 of 1)





Love 🙂




  1. Manish Malhotra · August 22, 2018

    Nice Click but don’t wake up at 2 AM for this u can do the same at 2 PM also.😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dipti Malhotra · August 22, 2018

      🙂 tastes better at night


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