Main Bhi Kar Sakti Hai.

First thing first. I am a huge fan of the Indian Cinema. Not that I don’t watch American / British cinema, but you feel closer to what you have grown up on and “Bollywood” is it for me. In fact, I would say it’s a staple diet without which I feel deprived and I am sure the blood pressure goes down when I don’t watch a Hindi movie for a while. For a while = a week perhaps.

Anyway, you get the idea right. I prefer Hindi movies. And drama is in my blood.

Secondly, I am NOT a movie critic. I am just a lover. Although being paid to watch a movie and write about it is definitely a dream job. (haha. No, I am serious.)

Quite a few good ones came out last year (2017) but this one struck a chord.

Tumhari Sulu

Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia, Malishka Mendonsa, Vijay Maurya

Director and Writer: Suresh Triveni

It’s a story about this much in love middle-class couple – Sulochana (Vidya Balan) and Ashok (played by the very talented Manav Kaul). They live a simple life enjoying the small joys with their son. Sulu is the kind of woman a lot of Indian home-makers could relate to. She is a dreamer, fun loving, super hilarious and she has an independent mind. This character is so endearing that I ended up saying an audible “Awww” too many times. She wakes up at 5 am, cooks for the husband and son, sends them off for the day and spends the rest of the day with her dreams. There’s a particular scene that Vidya pulled off so well where she looks admiringly at these air-hostesses coming back from a flight. Sulu stands in front of her mirror, grabs a big hand-bag and a mobile phone – pretending to be a busy working lady. Uff! I loved Vidya Balan in that scene.. I loved the director’s thought. I loved the sensitivity.

The relationship between Ashok and Sulu is too cute for words. They are buddies. They are partners. They laugh at each other, laugh with each other. The naughtiness, the love, the little fights, the friendship – it’s so beautiful.

When Sulu’s elder sisters mock her, Ashok supports her. When Sulu comes up with new business ideas, he supports her. And when she finally lands up a job at a Radio Station, even though she does it without discussing with him, he still supports her.

The story continues, the couple goes through highs and lows in their personal life after Sulu’s life gets divided between home and her terrific work life. She loves what she does, she is damn good at it too. Maria, her boss (played by Neha Dhupia, whom I loved in the movie) and her colleagues Pankaj and RJ Albeli (Vijay Maurya and RJ Malishka) absolutely adore her.


It’s another world where she talks to people, helps them, brings light into their lives. There’s a day when she enters a surprise party at work, another day when an actor takes her autograph.

Sulu starts making money and Ashok goes through hell at his workplace. The director very carefully manages to convey that though the issues arise after Sulochana starts working late night as a Radio Jockey, it is majorly because of Ashok’s insecurities and outsiders’ interference that their lives go topsy-turvy. A certain incident jolts the couple and they finally arrive at a point where Sulu needs to make a decision. She does what she thinks is right. As always – an idea strikes her, she runs to Ashok and he laughs that “Oh no not again Sulu” laugh, while she convinces him with her trademark ‘Main Kar Sakti Hai!’

It’s a slice-of-life kind of flick that is high on the happy quotient, this one has been added in my all time favorites. Though Vidya Balan is the star of the movie, I became a fan of Manav Kaul. Effortlessly charming. I guess that’s what theatre artists bring to the Cinema. I am looking forward to seeing more of his work now.



Summing it up, what I am taking from the movie is Sulu’s confidence despite the assumed odds.

Main bhi kar sakti hai


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