I am good.

We came into this world with nothing but our destiny. There was nothing in my hand or to my name except my parents and the relationships they introduced me to, like my brother.. my grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins. I grew up, made friends.. lost friends. I made some money, bought some beautiful things.. some of them broke, some misplaced and some are with me. I fell in love, my heart broke. Thanks to my father and mother, I always felt abundance in all the spheres of life. They took care of my health, education, my comfort, and luxuries. I got married to a beautiful heart. I am in a dreamy relationship, the foundation of which is friendship.

Life is unpredictable. It has taught me that I cannot hold on to anything: a material thing or human. I am not in possession but only gifted everything..including what I have earned.

Nothing is forever.

A constant endeavor: I know I am not exiting this world with any ‘thing’ but with the love and blessings of loads of people who would remember me with a smile.

I feel abundant. I feel safe. I feel happy. I am good. 🙂


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