An evening with yourself. Sometimes, that’s all you need. We get busy with the rigmarole of life, the people in our lives, the thousand things to do – shopping lists, goals, pressures, dreams, unfulfilled dreams, heartaches, guilt, the weekends, the bank balance, the monotony, the things she said…the things he did not say…

…that we forget the most important thing. Our soul. Ourselves. The “me-time” people have construed their own notions about.

I am thinking. I am constantly thinking. And sometimes, when you have been thinking so much, you end up being knotted in the head that all you can think of is this “me-time” as if it will untangle all the confusions in your mind.

Something inside me just asked, “but wtf are you even confused about?

This InnerVoice chick also needs her own ‘me time’.



3 thoughts on “Me-time?

  1. The most Important thing to STAY ALIVE is Me Time. I think one or two hours spent with u per day keeps you ALIVE from Inside………
    That’s a Good post… 👏👏.
    Take Care of you and yourself…..😄😄..
    Because YOU is the most important thing for you………🤗🤗😘😘❤❤…..

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