Small dangling joys


The lunch was awesome, a mix of street-food and some Chinese fine-dining. That’s how I like my life, a mix of both the worlds. It’s funny when you burp some street food at a fine dining restaurant.!

Clichéd but I am a compulsive shopper. I cannot come back home empty-handed. A full stomach does not count. So I picked up these pretty danglers from a flee market, was love at first sight. I could not bargain.. I did not bargain. I cannot bargain! And after trying them on, the first thought was that they are a little too big but then who cares, they dangle well. Good ‘boomerang’ potential ;> (Note To Self: Get Over Instagram!) So yes. When it comes to personal style, earrings are an important part of my outfit. Till a few years ago I never wore one, forget experimenting with styles. But now, that is the accessory I look forward to wearing the most.

I am the same person I was a decade ago. My favorite things are the same…going out with mom, eating, shopping and coming back home to watch Bigg Boss.

Catch ya in a bit.


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