The music is on…

The music is on… the season is on the verge of change. It’s been an easy summer, I did not feel very hot. It will be a good winter, I will have someone to get cozy with. There is travel on the agenda, to an even colder place. There are pictures on my wall – he is holding me, he is proud, he is happy. So am I.

There is music. I am listening to this song called “Tum Kehti Ho”, we heard it in Zindagi Gulzar Hai. That Fawad Khan – Sanam Saeed show. Our joyrides start with that one these days.

There are books to read, movies to watch, food to make. FYI: I love cooking. Right from sourcing the ingredients, chopping, sorting, feeling, mixing the flavors, inhaling them…stirring up a storm, reaching the point when what I had in mind looks like what’s on the stove, smelling like it..tasting like it (not always though!).. to laying it on the table for someone to savour.

I am hooked to Netflix and thanks to Airtel, I have got a three-month free subscription. Woohoo! — Gift Card for Postpaid Customers



I have picked up the dumbbells again, got the yoga mat out for some quickies (uh, not that) & I plan to cardio along. I guess that’s just enough. It makes me feel good, and if working out results in you looking good too, why the hell not?

I won’t deprive myself of anything that I enjoy, ever. I love eating. I can control my portions effectively but I can’t tell myself, “No, you cannot eat that.” – I see no point of life then. Ha. Yeah, seriously. Food is life for me.

Ok, so basically I was just catching up with you or was just sorting my thoughts out. Because, for me, every day is a fresh start and I don’t want to go down the dark alley again. My essence is my happiness and I plan to keep it safe.



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