People watching <3

Hmm, there is this constant itch. No not on my body, but on my mind. It comes and goes. It unsettles me. I tend to ignore it. And I don’t even know why I always ignore it. You see it always helps me when I pay attention to it.

Yes I am being intentionally vague. And pathetically lazy. I don’t care if this banter is on the brink of being annoying and repetitive.

Okay fuck it. I will share what I see right now.. from where I am sitting.

A pretty girl yawning at the cash counter. A girl with her earphones plugged in, watching something on her phone… or a tablet. You can’t really make out nowadays. The man sitting with her is wearing a red bandana with white stars on it and there is a baby with them. They don’t seem to be a couple but then again, you can’t really make out nowadays.  He is busy on his phone now. Another table..has this couple (for sure) talking to each, wait, she is taking a selfie in the middle of a conversation. Another couple at the other table, they are having a conversation too..with WhatsApp open on her phone. Maybe they are conversing about a conversation? Oh well….that happens often. She said, he said. A girl just walked by wearing a slightly inappropriate but cute t shirt. The kitten’s ears were placed right on top of her chest. Don’t people try outfits before buying? Oh, online shopping.

I can sit for hours and observe people…it’s one of my favorite things to do. Of course, I need to grab a bite for myself now!

The selfie girl just slapped her boy with love and they laughed. Basically, everyone seems happy today.  Or maybe I am choosing to see that.

On that  ‘awww’some note, I shall sign out.




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