No strings attached.

We have people around us, all sorts of them. Out of the 50 that we know, we might want to sit and talk, like really talk to a few of them. Me? A few. And mostly neither of them. Well, I love listening. And being heard too.

I am going to talk to you. Why you? I don’t know you. I won’t offend you. You won’t offend me. We can be the best of friends in the universe without knowing each other. You will get to know me bit by bit, sip by sip – but I will never know you. And somehow the thought is comforting. I won’t get close to you, I won’t be afraid to lose you. Even if one fine day, you decide to leave, I won’t even get to know.

Is the relationship between a writer and her reader really ‘no strings attached’?

Maybe…maybe not. I definitely want to dive in and explore this relationship. I have a feeling I am going to get sloshed.

Today: Sort of cold, outside and inside.


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