Trust me, “Marriage” is NOT important. If you find someone you want to spend your life with, do it. Don’t get married for the sake of it. Not for society, not to “settle”. Being married is not a qualification. And it’s definitely not for everybody. Just like parenting. ❤

It’s very important for you to know there is no right or wrong time for it. You do it when you feel you can take the plunge. IT IS NOT A RACE, IT IS YOUR LIFE. Your best friend may have a baby while you are contemplating a career change, swiping left/right on tinder or dating without being sure of the guy/girl. Your cousin could be getting a divorce after a year of marriage. Even that does not mean you can’t give it a try when you feel you want to. Do it, by all means. A lot of failed marriages in your environment does not mean yours will fail too. Neither do successful marriages mean yours will be a success too? It totally depends on the will to make it work and your friendship. ( but not at the cost of your sanity. )

I got married last year, at the age of 35. Trust me, the so-called society was very curious for a decade. The same kind people blessed me at the time I got married. I don’t blame you. You all have been raised with the mindset – 30s are LATE. Thankfully, the people I was going to associate with had no notions like that.

(You don’t just marry the man, you marry his family too and if their way of thinking is opposite to yours, there is no way you can co-exist in the world, love and respect them. I am blessed.)

Breaking news: I am happily married. Happy 1st Anniversary to me and Varun. I am not thinking of a “forever” because I don’t believe in the concept of forever anyway. I want to take one day at a time, I want us to be friends (with benefits ha ha!) I want us to not take each other for granted. All my insecurities, all my secrets, and my high-lows are going to be shared with this guy who is my closest friend. I happen to live with him and we don’t intend to change that because life is boring without him. If you call that marriage, then yes, I am married. 🙂 It’s not been very easy, we have a lot to work on – but the great thing is that we have fun while fighting too. If he can make you laugh while you still have angry tears on your face – could it be any better?

No offense to anybody, but it’s lame how the previous generations have made it seem like ‘MARRIAGE’ is one thing to tick off your To-Do list. Being financially independent has to be your priority number 1, that’s one thing, I confess I have been sort of careless with but it shall be rectified. Do not neglect that aspect of your life for anything/anybody. Spending your time with like-minded people is important. Your solitude, your inner peace is important.

I respect people who decide to stay single, I respect people who try marriage also. I respect those who opt for a divorce when things are not working out at all, instead of spending their life with someone they are not even in love with. I don’t respect the ones who stay in wrong relationships just to keep your distorted facade of, “I am living a good life with my partner who loves me”. I can’t relate to the ones who cheat on their current partner – emotionally or physically (both are unacceptable in a marriage).

Get out of the relationship and explore, if there is an itch to explore. Or just stay single. I feel being single is underrated. It’s beautiful.

I feel everything is temporary. I feel we attach ourselves too much to people, we make the mistake of not giving ourselves the due credit. We burden ourselves with guilt.

Unburden yourself.

Focus on inner peace. Do your thing!!! We all are born to shine.

The last line was a note to self too 🙂


Love and luck!! Happy 2019!


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