I’ve heard, it gets darkest before the dawn. If the night is inevitable, so is the sunrise. If there’s rain, there’s definitely a rainbow somewhere.

I am trying to do that peptalk thing for myself. God knows my soul needs that.

No it’s not that I’m all alone, devoid of friends and people who care. But I have built a wall they are unable to break down. I am used to healing myself. They are kind but can I deal with it right now? No.

I prefer to be the person who helped me.

Call me bitter. Call me seasoned. Call me heartbroken. Call me an idiot.

But I’d rather help my self get out of this murk. My name means Brightness, when did I turn into a Diva of Darkness?



  1. A · January 18, 2019

    Maybe it’s because we know how to heal ourselves better than anyone else.


    • Dipti Malhotra · January 18, 2019

      True. Because nobody knows us better than our own selves..


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