My Fix.

A new one on my shelf.

I am turning into a book hoarder. A reader as well, don’t worry! I was always a reader, when I was a child. I preferred living in my imaginary world, playing with my “characters” making them say and do things. I remember I used to finish my language books before the semester had even begun. I loved reading. I majored in Literature, no wonder, and studied Journalism. Somehow though, I deviated. I stopped picking up stories. I missed it, tried to read again – realized I was not as fast at reading anymore as I used to be. This resulted in me writing less as well.

I am saying it today : I want to be a writer.

And I want to promise myself here that I will finish every book on my little bookshelf by July, before I buy another one. That’s a lot of time I know! I can easily do it. There aren’t many books to finish but knowing me and my reading speeds along with the million distractions – I am giving myself 5 months.

Discipline yourself. Note To Self!

Let’s see the kind of effect reading has on my writing. I want to write, I want to keep writing. It heals me, it works for me. It is my fix.

I will see you, in a bit.



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