The F.

You know what I am looking for? I am looking for a place to sit and write. I think I found it too, but I haven’t given myself the time to actually sit and write.

I am watching movies, series (I finally succumbed to GoT), reading Murakami, stocking up my library. I am working out, laughing, drinking, eating, spending time with human beings, working, shopping, lost an inch I guess? Meeting friends, celebrating their victories, their happiness. I am planning, I am looking forward. Hell, I am doing everything BUT writing.

I am scolding myself here. The best kind of scolding is in a hug by the way. The most effective.

Anyway, I will talk to you later, I got to make a move.

FIGURE OUT A PLAN !! This was very random.

The picture is from Bali 2017. Be right back…..


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