Sort of tragic.

It’s March, it’s my birthday month. Also, I am not broke this month. Phew! Money… Money, you are important, honey. Sorry about being careless. Better late than never. I’m saving. Whaaaaaaaaat!? No. But not wasting you.

I shopped today. I rewarded myself, rather. Something to be worn tomorrow. If all turns out well, you’ll have a picture, dear blog. 

Anyway, I am very happy about one thing. Since the beginning of this year, there have been shifts. Shifts in my head that have been strong enough to lead me to directions that are good for me. It’s March and I can finally say that I have gifted myself the gift of me-time. We tend to get careless about it. I did…. and I suffered. I suffered a great deal and what I could not put a finger on was the fact that my life was crumbling because I had lost touch with myself.

The art of doing Nothing & yet feeling accomplished. There’s so much beauty in the world…at the same time, tragedy. We are living in the times when, not out of choice, but because it is what it is – a few of us happen to see beauty in tragedy too. 

Like.. right now, there is a bowl of fresh garden salad in front of me. I took a picture, I found it beautiful. But, when I ate it, I wanted to puke it out. BUT, that is what I chose for lunch today so voila….until tonight this is what it is going to be in my system. It’s fresh, it’s green, it is fucking healthy & it’s disgusting I could slap myself.

So yeah, such a beautiful tragedy.



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