A new empty page.

SIXTY ML LOVE is my new home. An empty canvas right now, to be filled with words from, and images close, to my heart. Be assured it’s not another food/fashion blog, it’s just me, when I want to talk, when I want to share, vent, rant, hang out with you.

This is where this woman shall land up, not just when she is angry or hurt, shocked or surprised. She will be here just as a disciplined, struggling, hopeless writer would go to her therapist – An empty page.

A little about me: I am feeling good after a pretty long time today.

What were you thinking? I won’t bore you with my accomplishments thus far (and lack of). You will know me, as I want to know me, as we make each other feel, as we understand each other from this moment on because trust me, this is our reality – not what I was or what you were yesterday. You are not what you did yesterday. You are what you are feeling right now.

Sad, Happy, Guilty, Depressed, Thrilled, Successful, Beautiful or just a pain.

I love you already,



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