Following a speck.

March 22, 2019

I read something on these lines, a few hours ago…

It was like..keep walking on the path that leads to your dreams, no matter how many dark alleys you got to cross.

Well, I guess I am on the path. Something tells me it’s the one. Something tells me I will be an example. Something tells me I will make it.. because trust me, I am not giving up and all I have in my vision right now is a dark alley with an itsy bitsy speck of light that is screaming to me: KEEP WALKING MY LOVE.

There are times when you feel so alone, when the people you thought you could depend on, no matter how reluctantly, have sort of misunderstood you, have lost their patience, have nothing else to give. Rightly so. Nobody could keep giving. I have nothing against anyone, I probably will thank them in a couple of months. Everybody means well, till they are drained. And then they leave the table.


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