Baby Steps

What’s on my mind? I want to tell everyone to do what they want to do. I want to remind myself to do what I want to do.

Why do we get entangled with them, those things, these feelings.. which cripple our growth? At the age of 37 today, I want to stop doubting myself and give myself all the gifts I deserve. My smile, my sanity, my peace, my solitude. Deep within, we all know what we need – we just become our own enemies at times and end up blaming either the circumstances or the people in our lives. Crap behavior. I would rather blame myself from now on and take actions. Enough of what I always hated doing. Self pity, self doubt. Why did it happen? Why did I let go? Where did I get careless? Unimportant questions.

I have just begun to walk again, head-up and a smile on my face. I have just started to get comfortable again. I am inching towards you. The life I dream of.

……… birthday, last Friday.

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