A piece of art.

We hide too much. The real answer to, “How are you?” would take a while, won’t it? 🙂 And not everyone would get it. Not everyone wants to know. Not everyone really cares. So…people, including me, go like, “I am good! How are you??” and hope there won’t be further inquisition. 😀 Well, that’s how it is. We are not “good!!” all the time right, it’s just a strange place to be in. Desired! Hell yes. But it’s OKAY to not be good with double exclamation marks all the time. Sometimes, it’s just alright to say, “Fucked up, how are you?” and enjoy the reaction.

Who knows, they might reply with, “couldn’t be worse” and you two might end up sorting each other up, for a while.

Life gets better. It definitely is worth an attempt.


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