A book – my friend, my escape, my savior. It’s a good kind of lost that I feel when I read a book. I may have found a place, finally. Everybody needs a corner and I have been searching for mine, where I would just sit, curl up with a book and tap away on the keyboard to write my thoughts. For me and you.

Now, I am no Carrie Bradshaw, so no separate “writing” apartment for me. I wish though! I wish there was a home where I could just go and lock myself for a couple of days and just be. Cook, decorate, write, dance, do some yoga, draw a bath, write.

Till that does not happen, this shall do just fine.

This place smells of an intoxicating mix of books, wood, coffee and brownies. The music works, and the people are few. It’s a small, cozy library and a work space made in a basement near my place for people to come and just do their thing. I spotted a guitar in one of the corners too, I hope someone picks it up and strums a tune and a few…

I am looking forward.

” Book Talk ”


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