Happiness is contagious.

I am sitting down, in a corner, literally – a very tempting corner for a reader or a writer, or just someone who wants to scroll through apps on their phone. Yes, that same place. A pretty girl, wearing a beautiful necklace and a comfortable summer dress in another corner of the room, nose deep in her book. I saw her the other day too. Before I begin to sound like I have something for her, no – no, I just love it when people enjoy their solitude. Doing anything that they love doing.

Oh, by the way, this place serves Maggi too. I am going to ask him to join me soon. Oh, him. I have to ask him how he’s doing..been a while.

So, what I sat down to tell you was that I enjoyed my trip to Nainital so much this time that I did not want to come back to the grime called Delhi. Have you heard me saying “Delhi is beautiful.“? Okay, maybe it was December. Delhi is beautiful in December. Not April. It’s dirt, pollen infested, allergy stricken, polluted jungle full of people who just don’t give a fuck. Mostly. And sometimes, it’s a good thing. (the not giving a fuck part)

I made it a point not to carry my camera, my laptop or any books with me this trip – maybe that is the reason there was one suitcase less than our usual three. I tend to pack my world when I travel. But then, a girl needs options right! I hope at least you understand. My husband understands too, so it’s all good.

So yeah, I did not carry a lot of distractions. All I did was spend time with the company I was in, had a great time and when I wanted time off, I had my phone to post stories on Instagram. Now that is important! I post quickly, unlike the person traveling with me who spent 30 minutes selecting Gifs for his InstaStory! 😀

We are learning to travel together. It’s been a few trips, including an international trip – and it’s been a mix of everything. It’s promising, this alliance. ha ha. So far, so good.

Is this the holiday hangover or the excitement of this Saturday? What’s happening on Saturday? Well, nothing astoundingly exciting. Just that I am meeting my parents. Thrilled about that fact. 🙂

Happiness is contagious, I want to keep it going! ❤

Oh, here are some pictures.

Naini Lake shot from the Ropeway Car
Hello there, happiness!
Bhimtal Lake
Gateway to heaven~
I love open-air cafes with a view. This one overlooked the Naini Lake. The selfie cropped it :/ Anyway, the selfie works 😀

Catch you in a bit!


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